Thursday, January 08, 2009

Mayoral Race

I am starting to get phone calls offering a cup of coffee if I go meet Mayoral candidates in Albuquerque. I guess they want my support. I will go to coffee with them because I want to give them all a message. That message is "THINK BIG".

A few us sat around lunch yesterday trying to figure out what Mayor Chavez has accomplished in the way of "Big Things" in the last seven years. We could not think of one thing. I will now blow my own horn. During my administration the "BIG THINGS" were downtown revitalization, a new baseball stadium, passing a quarter cent tax for increased transportation services, and the Art Summer Institute for talented kids in High School. We pulled them all off.

If you look at how people view a city they look at these kinds of projects and get a feel for leadership that enables it. The leadership is recognized because these aren't easy things to do. They are hard things to do and they add to political baggage to your career. I have decided that is one thing that Mayor Chavez doesn't like and that is why he doesn't go for the big vision thing. It might endanger his continuance in office.

We will remember Governor Richardson for the Rail Runner. What will we remember Chavez for? And so I would like to see all of the candidates talk a little about their big vision for our city.

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NewMexiKen said...

I live just outside our fair city, but I agree, think big. Pandas, which are nasty creatures anyway, aren't going to win my support.

What would win it is a plan for appropriate commercial development (shops, cafes) along a short, suitable part of the Rio Grande. It's insane that other cities (Tempe, Oklahoma City) have river walks and they don't even have real rivers. We've got the third longest river in America passing through our city. While I respect the bosque as much as anyone, it would be nice to make access to the riverbank available to other than bicyclists, hikers and bushwhackers.