Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Delta Airlines

A note from my wife Bobbi to Delta Airlines.

OK, I'm trying to get through to the promotions desk to make reservations for travel in 5 weeks. I am trying to use a companion ticket so I HAVE NO ALTERNATIVES other than using the 1-800 number on the companion ticket. Last evening I waited nearly 2 hours, I exhausted my portable phone battery twice and nearly exhausted my cell phone. Out of desperation I contacted regular reservations and asked them what the wait/hold time might be 82 minutes, can you believe that. 82 MINUTES!!!!!!!!!! And they were going to shut down operations for the night in 30 minutes! So I called this morning waited another half hour, you are put on immediate hold by the way with no indication of how many calls are ahead of you or the approximate wait time so I could make a decision as to whether or not to wait. I again call regular reservations and ask what the approximate wait time is, they are put on hold and can't even answer the question. I call corporate customer care and said it is extremely high call volume but they can't provide me any indication as to the best time to call and I need to get to work. I supervise employees at a call center and my head would be on a platter with this type of "CUSTOMER SERVICE" it should be la belled "CUSTOMER FRUSTRATION".
I have been a very loyal Delta customer for many years, I like flying Delta and want to continue to fly Delta. But if I can't make a reservation how can I even get on a plane?

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barbara flaska said...

Same thing is happening to people trying to claim unemployment benefits at NM Dept of Workforce Solutions. Level of frustration: accelerating. What's the dif? We only have clogged phone lines in common. Right now, I'd accept a free airline ticket out of here.