Friday, January 23, 2009

On the Beach

Item....public support in America for tackling the warming of the climate has declined greatly. See this.

Item....Trees in the forests of the western United States are dying twice as fast as they were twenty years ago...because of a warming climate. See here.

We are in a race here with the end game being the dying off of countless species, humans included, if we don't make sacrifices now. The race is complicated the horrendous economic calamity affecting most countries. That makes it hard to ask for more sacrifices from people who are already stressed. I am actually getting frightened by all of this.

At least we have a smart man running this country now. Hopefully, he will find time for this issue. It really is the one that defines the future for us since it affects everyone...everywhere. I feel like I am watching that great movie, "On the Beach". Except I am living in it.

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