Wednesday, January 14, 2009


The next census will be cranking up before long. The Federal Government has started hiring 1,000 people to help us count ourselves in New Mexico. That will all occur in 2010. Then the data will be compiled and be taken in by states to figure out how much they get in way of payments from the Feds for the next decade.

The state legislatures will receive the data and start their process for reapportionment of Congressional and legislative districts. New Mexico will use those reapportioned districts for the election in 2012.

That is probably why we already see our newly elected Congressional delegation out shaking the trees for money just a few days after being sworn in. They have to run in their old districts one more time in 2010 before the political process in a highly Democratic controlled legislature reforms their districts to work better for them. If the Republicans have any chance of defeating them, it will be easier in 2010 than any other time for the next ten years. So, the Democratic delegation is getting an early start to protect their total control in New Mexico. Who can blame them? The timing is difficult to be asking for more money, but it is probably necessary given what is at stake.

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