Thursday, January 15, 2009


Everyone is waiting anxiously for a federal stimulus package to be passed. Why wait? Where is the leadership on the local level for getting people to work. What has the Mayor and current city council done to put people to work, if even for only a few weeks? This is stuff that has to happen immediately. No waiting around for glamorous things on the Mayor's wish list for stimulus money. Those things wouldn't happen for years. We need immediate leadership.

I know that local government could probably put 1000 people to work on city clean up and other much needed projects if there were a leader telling someone to get it done. When you see that 2500 people show up for 100 jobs then you know that they really want to work.

Figure this, 1000 people working for $100 a day. Day wages, yes, but money in the pocket. That would cost us 500 K a week. Over ten weeks that comes to 5 million. That is a drop in the city's budget bucket but you might actually do some good by finding the money to do it. It would give people hope. Where would the money come from to do this? How about the reserves? This is an emergency, isn't it?

Why isn't it being done? It might be controversial? It might be difficult? The lawyers wouldn't like it? It might endanger someone's political chances at being elected or reelected Mayor?
I think it would be a winner actually because it would show some innovation and dealing with reality by such a leader. It might be able to bridge enough time for 1000 people to work, hope and provide for their families until the federal stimulus arrives.

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