Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chronic Behavior and Chronic Placement

The chronically unhappy faculty at UNM is upset with the President and some Regents. If you look back over the last half dozen or more UNM Presidents the faculty has always been unhappy. Always. And the Albuquerque Journal always seems gives them placement on the front page, as they did today. It is all very negative and nothing new really. But this morning there was good news too! It got relegated to the back pages. That was the fact of UNM's growing enrollment. That is pretty positive for the crew running the University and maybe it should have been on the front page too.

Academe is the toughest game of all. It may be worse than modern day politics.

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jacob said...

I can tell you as a UNM Grad and former staff member that I am happy to hear faculty complaining about administration! UNM is full of cronyism, case and point Marc Saavedra, who has a bachelor's degree and 150k job because his father is in position to help UNM. A typical staff member with a BA makes 30k a year. Also, UNM administration always defends their salaries in accordance with what other institutions are paying top ranking members, but entry level positions at UNM are severely underpaid when compared to other institutions and nothing is ever mentioned to raise their pay. The Administration has nobody to blame but themselves for the low morale!