Monday, January 19, 2009

Quick Trip

Bobbi and I ran up to Santa Fe on the Rail Runner this morning. While she had coffee with my sister Carlota, my staff and I had coffee with a legislator who will help us with some important work this session. I think this new Senator, Stephen Fischman, will be a great addition up in Santa Fe. He is experienced in business, an environmental champion, and a reformer. He defeated Leonard Rawson down in Las Cruces. That was a big upset and I am happy for it.

Note to Mayor Chavez. Why was the Alvarado Transportation Center closed this morning? Yes it was a holiday but there were still a lot of people riding the train. Thankfully, the weather was alright.

Note to Lawrence Rael. Would it be possible to clean the windows inside and out on the train every couple of days? I know parents should not let their kids paw the windows, but they do. It was pretty bad on car 1009 today. The train ride was great. It was filled to capacity on the way from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. It looked like a jumbo jet unloading when we reached the station downtown. Bobbi and I went into a cafe and right behind us the disembarking passengers filled up eateries all over downtown.

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