Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Pete and Ed

Dear Pete Dinelli and Ed Adams,

First Pete, I have always liked you. And you too Ed. Pete was a great city councilor some years ago. He now works for Mayor Chavez as Chief Public Safety Officer. . Ed, you are an excellent administrator and your work, which I assigned you, on building the Isotopes stadium was flawless. I am sure you are a good CAO.

So, I hate to see you guys get used by a Mayor who requires you take the heat for everything controversial and bad, while he does news conferences on softball issues that make people feel good and that's about all. Maybe that is why he is such a good pol.

Cases in point. Ed, you took the heat for signing a contract with the red light camera guys. So much heat as a matter of fact that the entire Journal editorial railing about it today was taken out on you, rather than the guy who told you to do it, the Mayor. Of course Mayor Chavez can do no wrong where the Journal editorial crew is concerned. I often wonder if someone upstairs at the Journal has a search and delete program on the words "Martin Chavez" for every story that might be negative.

And Pete, you are constantly on TV being a belligerent for the Mayor in attacking city councilors or anyone else who draws his ire. This doesn't exactly bode well for you in the future if you stick your foot into politics once again. are being used.

I actually respect the Mayor more everyday as he gets away with this stuff. The public still gives him good grades because he has fall guys around. He is masterful.

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