Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Governor Gary Johnson

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson received literally tens of thousands of dollars and eventually over a million, when he got the design-build program for Highway 550 and the other major highways passed by the legislature in '97.

These contributions are within days and weeks of Johnson's signing legislation allowing design/build contracts, and just Koch Industries, which of course is a major right-wing force nationwide ended up with most of the 550 design-build contract. For a look at Koch Industries PAC contributors see this site from Open Secrets.

This will show you where Koch gathered money for Johnson and others. Not all of these people gave for Johnson.

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Sir-eats-a-lot said...

Didn't his wife run the business, and was the brains of the whole operation. His symbol of the company (big J)looked like a bong and based on his management style, I assumed he was the stoner figurehead and his wife ran the roundhouse