Thursday, January 30, 2014


It is this way everywhere I suppose.  Corporations are never blamed for the problems they cause.  The blame is always shuffled elsewhere.  There is an interesting story in the Times today about how the mafia in the Naples region of Italy are being accused of burying and illegally burning up to 10 million tons of toxic waste.  Cancer and a ruined environment are the result.  But while the mafia gets the finger pointed at them the Corporations who created this toxic brew escape relatively unscathed.

Just like in America.  Our corporate boards and bosses fight safety regulations and oversight so they can cut safety, and the well being of their communities and employees.  Then when a disaster hits, like the poisoning of 300,000 people's water supply by a coal company, the consensus is that the government is to blame.  It is a perfect system for those corporate ogres.  They get away pretty much unscathed.

Could Americans ever take to the streets to demand reigning in of corporate control of the government?  Maybe someday.  But after watching a documentary last night on the famous editorial cartoonist Herblock,  one wonders.  He had the same fears in the 1950s, 60s, 70s and it has only gotten worse.

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