Friday, January 31, 2014


I am tired of this whole 'hero' thing in this country.  Everyone is a hero, especially if they are wearing a uniform.  Today, I saw an article comparing Justin Beiber to a US Marine.  Who do you think the hero was?  The Marine of course.  He was wearing a uniform.  But believe me when I say that anyone who ever served the country in a uniform knows for sure that some soldiers are heroes and some are not.  Some are just as twisted as little Beiber.

As a great watcher of weekend golf tournaments I have to marvel that uniformed service members are now holding the golf flags at the 18th hole.  Just once I would like to see a member of the Peace Corp be given that honor.  But a uniform trumps all.

The big news event in all the media in New Mexico today is the fact that Colorado seems to think it has the best green chile in the world.  This is front page news and lead story stuff.  Okay, it is humorous and some times that comes first.  But while this is the big news I would like to see it followed up with a thorough story on how Colorado is kicking our New Mexican butt on job creation and economic progress.  But that would take work on the medias part.  Silly me.  And it might make the republican Governor and Albuquerque Mayor look less than competent.


Bubba Muntzer said...

I agree on the hero thing. Everybody's a hero now. Doing your job makes you a hero. The mere state of not doing something wrong makes you a hero. I link this directly to the decline of America.

When one person working in a family could support the family, buy a house, a car, maybe two cars, raise kids who could all go to college if they wanted to, and retire in decency with Social Security and maybe a pension, and when America was at or near the top in almost every quality of life and living standard measure like longevity and education and child well being and infant mortality, America had some claim to being the greatest country on earth.

That's all gone now, thanks to Ronald Reagan and DLC Democrats, so we feebly try to keep ourselves pumped up by labeling one another heroes.

It's sure to stay gone, too, and get worse as long as we keep electing Democrats of the type we're electing now, who twice now in the past couple months have cut food stamps, have thrown millions off unemployment, have cut Medicare, are angling to cut Social Security and have and plan to transfer more of our wealth upward to the one percent via the tax system.

Stay tuned, as we elect as our next president one of the queens of Reaganomics, of Neoliberalism, former Wal Mart board member Hillary Clinton. Expect more embarrassing outpourings like we saw when they introduced the disabled veteran at the end of the state of the union speech.

That was all the self loathing coming to the surface. That was the collective wailing of a people who don't have the ability to express empathy. That was the disgust a political class feels for itself, that they keep bottled up when they pause to look at the shiny nameplate on their office door, before they close it behind them and sit down to initial the vapid, meaningless, conspicuously self serving press releases that will be sent out the next day in their name.

Anonymous said...

Being a hero requires heroic action, not just actions that are expected of you. Agreed.