Thursday, January 23, 2014


Now we understand why Governor Susana Martinez is the way she is.  Right wing that is.  She is submitting to Congressman Steve Pearce in her own southern district homeland.  Seriously, it is truly a marvel that a guy like Pearce can exist in office with these kinds of beliefs.  His biography in which he believes women should submit to their men is just over the top.

The Albuquerque Journal had it wrong again this morning in their story about the dwindling Severance Tax Permanent Fund in New Mexico.  The fund, which is in jeopardy of disappearing from over spending, was compared to the Land Permanent fund for the amount of tax revenues they brought in.  The reporter needs a civics lesson and he fell into what the oil and gas boys love so much.  The land permanent fund recieves royalties, not taxes.  Those royalties are payment for publicly owned resources.  It is not a tax.  But the oil boys want you to think it is so they can beat their breasts about how they pay for everything.

The Serverance Tax fund revenues are a tax that also fund a permanent fund and the legislature has been spending just about every nickel of the earnings of that fund.  They need to let some money stay there so the fund can grow for when the resources run out.  It is good there is a movement to do this.


Anonymous said...

Steve Pearce will deselect himself with this crap. He should go back 100 years; he would be happier then.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Domination and submission, which after all is sado-masochism dressed up in Sunday go to church clothes, is a hallmark of the conservative psyche.

But then there's a little of that in everyone who supports Capitalism, isn't there? And in Socialists who engage in Capitalism.