Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Outside View

I got an interesting comment from a former New Mexican.  I thought I should put it on the main page.  I guess I like it because it agrees with me.

"Jeez, Jim.  I just read your blog.  Why are the Big Shots in the Roundhouse and the Mayor's Office so completely out of it?  Why are the people of NM just letting this all happen?  I remember hearing, when I first moved to NM, that there was some kind of a "Patron Hacienda Priest" syndrome in NM, where the people believe the leaders can't be challenged and must be allowed to make the decisions and do what's right for them, and maybe it will all trickle down.  I thought it must be horseshit.  But how come people won't fight back?  How come there aren't leaders who say (like Richardson did, really, even though he was a Patron Deluxe) "I am going to fight, really fight, for good jobs, good education, and a good future for our people"?  That graph last week showing how much the NM recovery was behind other Mountain states was revealing – even with all the oil and gas boom, the NM economy is in the trash.  I wish it was better in NM.  It is a state full of hardworking people, with great resources and a totally unique identity – it could be the southwest version of Vermont, which has 4.1 per cent unemployment right now.  Just get the "Made in New Mexico" thing going, quit relying on the Federal largesse alone, build up a stronger community.  Why are they cutting back on lottery college scholarships?  The state needs educated kids.  It is such a failure of leadership. " 


Anonymous said...

I agree. I would add that the people in NM are more like the folks in Alaska than Vermont. We have a tendency not to care or be bothered by something that doesn't affect us directly otherwise we think it is somebody's problem. The fallacy is that we are all affected by these issues and, when we feel it directly, it is too late to do anything about it. So the cycle continues.

Anonymous said...

I think Rob Perry is going to come down and have Greg Wheeler threaten you.

I think Susana is going to blame Omari's death on everyone else.

I think Richard Berry is in hiding.

That is the problem with Albuquerque and New Mexico. And we the citizens put up with it. No one. not the city council, pubilc or Berry is demanding Perry and Wheeler be fired or suspended. Not one elected leader showed up for Omari's memorial service. No one seems to care around here.

Anonymous said...

It's depressing, but I agree you have to look at the people. Martinez was elected by scaring people about immigrants, not promoting a positive future. She won. This is a state with some progressive people, some very bright and frustrated young people, and a lot of teabaggers who want no one who isn't like them to have opportunities in life. I actually have neighbors that are underwater on their homes, hurting for money, and they blame it on poor people and immigrants. Not Wall St., not banks and crooked pols, but on poor people, who have nothing. It's amazing.
But hey, they've got their guns! No college or good jobs for their kids, crumbling infrastructure, and probably no retirement, but hey, we got guns!