Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Watching the Governor emote on the tragic school shooting in Roswell was nauseous.  I think she sincerely felt bad about it, but the only time we see this Governor is when she sets the stage.  Did anyone think to ask her about her NRA affiliations?  Well, maybe it is early for that but certainly she is going to have to defend her mutual admiration society status with those folks.  I wonder if she was carrying her gun at that news conference.  None of our reporters would think of that these days.

The internet service providers are about to have us by the throats.  A federal court decision yesterday guarantees higher prices and poorer services.  This country is already in the crapper for the quality of its internet speed and cost.  This will make it worse.  There is a solution and that is for the FCC to declare that internet providers are utilities.  Our congressional delegation better get to work on that and force the FCC to make that designation.

This is a comment I got on my blog yesterday from Vicki.  It is concise and true.

"The airport is just mirroring the lousy economic environment in Albuquerque.  Yesterday's newspaper had more depressing news about the economy here. The Four Hills shopping center is rapidly becoming a ghost town as we are losing Albertson's grocery store next month (along with 3 other Albertson's in ABQ), the United Artists' movie theater closed last month, even he Burger King is closing inn thos area.  Baillo's in Santa Fe is closing and so many restaurants are going under with this bad economy.  The rural arras are particularly devastated.  Governor Martinez, how are those tax credits thingies doing? "


Anonymous said...

Where was Susanna at Omaree's memorials? For that matter where were any of the people in power, Banks, Berry, City Council etc. They were no where to be found. You know why?

$$$$$$$$$ That's why. Omaree Varela was poor. His death is an outrage but the political people in this state don't care about him. He is a headache for them. The poor are just problems, the politicians just don't care about the poor.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I shudder whenever there's a disaster in this country, and brace myself for the solemn and sanctimonious blatherings about to spew from the mouths of whoever can jump in front of a camera the fastest. It's us at our worst.

I concur with anonymous above. I'd add that it's not the weak, self serving leaders we are provided with who are the problem. They are just the product of a system and can act no differently.