Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Guns in the Capitol

I am glad to see Senators Peter Wirth and Brian Egolf publicly worrying about guns in the state capitol building.  They want to make it illegal for yahoos to bring their assault weapons to committee hearings.  Makes sense.  Everyone wants to be safe.

But, why does it make sense to let these neurotic folks bring guns to the local pizza parlor, movie theater, football game....etc. etc?  Should our lawmakers be concerned about more than themselves?  Of course, but I think there is some method to this madness by those two left of center legislators.  Could it be they are setting  up a situation where only elites get some added protection from the shooters?  Might they think this is a good way  of making more progress later on?  What is good for the goose is good for the gander?

As an aside, yesterday I went to sell my sporting rifles and shotguns at a local gun store.  I don't use them for hunting anymore and they are quality stuff.  The local gun store manager commented what beautiful condition they were in and what they were worth.  But they didn't want to buy them because they didn't fit their market.  Looking around the place I could see what they meant.  The walls were covered with assault rifles of every kind.  The other type of prominent gun in the store was the semi automatic pistol.  Essentially, this was a gun store for people killing weapons.  Not sporting or sharpshooting.  Times change for sure.  

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