Monday, January 20, 2014


This gaggle was hanging out on the riverbed in the Bosque this morning.  They were pretty unconcerned about nearby dogs and people who stopped to take a look.  At first I thought they were Blue Herons, but after going on the bird sites I am pretty sure they are Sand Hill Cranes.  Beautiful creatures.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Nice. Nice picture.

I've read somewhere in the last few days that sandhill cranes were going to be stopping by here. You know, they make a big deal out of those when they stop on the Platte River over in Nebraska. People come from all around, they have festivals and so forth. I've looked for them for years, because I-80 follows the Platte for several hundred miles, but I've never seen any.

So darn you anyway. But good for you. You're a lucky guy.

Anonymous said...

If you drive down Rio Grande Blvd in Los Ranchos, you see many sandhill cranes. I highly recommend getting off the beaten path that is the interstate, slowing down and watching some cranes. One day I was driving down Rio Grande and I swear I saw a coyote sitting under a tree staring at some ducks.