Friday, January 24, 2014


We have seen what the GOP has done with the confirmation of President Obama's appointees.  It is a criminal lack of due process on advise and consent.  Now, the same thing is happening to Governor Martinez in the NM State Legislature.   Call it bipartisan malfeasance separated by the Mississippi.

Over coffee this morning we were debating whether anyone even gives a damn about the fact that 133 of the Governor's appointments to confirmable positions have not been heard by Senator Linda Lopez's Committee.  She isn't getting the job done and it is not a great thing to put on ones resume for her gubernatorial run.  But does anyone care?

Or, does anyone care that every legislator gets a little slush fund to use in his own district every session.  That half million dollars apiece might be okay during good times, but right now that nearly $60 million might best be put forth in major projects for the state in education or infrastructure.  This haphazard doling out of money is silly given the needs in this state.  It doesn't make sense to have bridges and roads falling apart in favor of bringing home the bacon for dubious projects.

And does anyone care if the State Democratic Party Chairman is in a war of words with Democratic Senator Michael Sanchez over the conservatism of Democratic Senator John Arthur Smith.  I doubt it.  As I recall the Democrats are supposed to have a big tent.


Donald F Schiff said...

I'm with Sam Bregman on the John Arthur Smith brouhaha. Sen. Smith is using his position as a powerful committee chair to block consideration of a measure which is completely consistent with Democratic values. I don't care whether Sen. Smith votes against the measure. That's fine with me. But to refuse to allow his committee to consider the measure is beyond the pale, and I'd argue that it is exactly what Sen. Lopez has done regarding confitrmation hearings.

Chairman Bregman is absolutely correct to lambaste John Arthur Smith; indeed, it's what we on the State Central Committee elected him to do.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I enjoy reading your blog. I feel the need to correct your comments so your reader's have a better understanding on the Senate Confirmation process. First, 72 new conferees have been announced since the last session, giving the committee only 3 working days to address their merits, which of course is impossible in any meaningful way. Second, unlike federal government conferees, almost all of Governor Martinez' appointments may act in their official capacity - the notable exception being University Regents, which Senator Lopez always ensures are acted upon during the session. Third, Senator Lopez initiated both criminal and background checks for all conferees who will hold policy making positions, or have responsibility over state monies. This initiative requires several processes that unfortunately do slow the process, but are necessary for the Senate to fulfill its constitutional responsibility. Best as always,

Matthew Baca

Chief Analyst, Senate Rules Committee

Anonymous said...

I agree with Donald.