Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Economic News

Irate union workers in France have released their managers at a Good Year Tire plant after holding them hostage.  One wonders if this is something that would be more common in the future as workers feel the frustrations of ever increasing workloads and lower pay.  (French workers are sort of over the top though in their demands.)  It is just nice to see some civil disobedience.  Pretty soon it could spill over to consumers taking hostage CEOs in America's most villainous corporations.  Let's start with the airlines.

Home prices fell another 2.3% in the Albuquerque area.  Just another bang of the hammer into the nail sealing the coffin of Albuquerque's economy.  Meanwhile the Mayor and Governor concern them selves with non economic growth issues.  They do that because they  have absolutely no plans in operation to fix things.

The Senate passed another extension of unemployment benefits.  That is a pretty good indication that Albuquerque and our state continue to rely on federal dollars.  It is one more proof of the Governor's and Mayor's ineffectual leadership compared with the states around us.  Of course, the corporate media we depend upon says nothing that would harm the GOP.

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