Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We are back from the visit to our kids and grandkids.  Our flights were cancelled at the last minute and we got an extra night with them.  Jet Blue was an experiment we probably won't repeat out of Albuquerque.  They couldn't get us out for two more days because of their problems so we had to pay for tickets on another airline and now I will spend hours on the phone trying to get a refund from Jet Blue.  I wish the media would look at Albuquerque's deteriorating air service.  Fewer flights, longer days and wait times, and much higher prices.

There were a few stories that caught my eye while out of town.  One was the arrests of former firemen and policemen who received bogus disability payments costing taxpayers millions.  The government swooped down on them quickly because they deserved it.  But stop and think for a moment, why was the same thing never done to the bankers and criminals who put our nation's economy in the crapper for the last six years.  They were thieves too. The  more you steal the more you can get away with it I suppose.  I hope those con artists, both wage earners and bonus divers go to prison for stealing.  If you rob an Allsup's convenience store clerk for $50 you will spend lots of time in jail.

I was happy to see the Albuquerque Journal finally do some work on the Governor's handler Jay McCleskey and his pimping for the casino operators at the NM Expo facilities.  His performance reminded me a little of Governor Christie's minions in his traffic terrorism against his political enemies.  The real difference is that Christie fired his minions when they were exposed. Christie is finished for sure though because you don't screw with commuters.

 I don't see the Martinez administration taking such striking personnel action.  I wonder why?  These political leaders always set the bar for their staffs.


Political Watcher said...

Gov Martinez understands law enforcement. That is the extent of her knowledge. When she is out of that area, she doesn't know what to do. Jay McC has been running the goverrnor's campaign and office from the beginning.

Look no further than the CYFD/Omaree problem: Gov M should want less government but she just wants to throw more money and authority to a department that is seriously failing.

The Albuquerque Journal is very late to the party. They have covered bits and pieces in the past but they never put the story together until after the National Journal covered it. They also completely left out any mention of Darren White, another shadowy figure within city and state government. And since when is it acceptable for the Journal to allow our governor to answer questions by email?

What was very interesting to me is how Gov Christie appointed his campaign manager to a position of authority within state government. Of course this caused the man to become a public figure and accountable. What is missing with Gov Martinez is she hasn't appointed Jay McC to such a position -- not that our legislature would ever confirm Jay McC for anything. He is toxic at this point.

Bubba Muntzer said...

I don't see how reducing air service in and out of Albuquerque can help the economy - I can think of tourists, and people who need to come here on business. If they start running into problems and inefficiencies they are more likely to look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

NM enters the company of states with school shootings and the Gov is out front and center getting as much publicity over a tragedy involving kids as she can

Vicki said...

The airport is just mirroring the lousy economicenvironment in Albuquerque. Yesterday's newspaper had more depressing news about the economy here. The Four Hills shopping center is rapidly becoming a ghost town as we are losing Albertson's grocery store next month (along with 3 other Albertson's in ABQ), the United Artists' movie theater closed last month, even he Burger King is closing inn thos area. Baillo's in Santa Fe is closing and so many restaurants are going under with this bad economy. The rural arras are particularly devastated. Governor Martinez, how are those tax credits thingies doing?