Saturday, January 11, 2014


Watching this thing with Governor Christie is an awesome thing.  Stop and think about it.  He isn't in trouble for GOP rightwing policies.  He is in trouble for screwing with commuters.  So, he is not only messing with the unemployed and downtrodden, he is also messing with those who have jobs.

This will go down as one of the all time classic self inflicted demolitions of a political career.  Right up there with Nixon's resignation.  I can assure you if you crawled into Christie's head right now you would enter the 7th level of hell.  It would like being entering another dimension where there is no longer a sense of up and down.

History in the making.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Thank you for that description of the inside of Christie's head. This just got a lot more fun.

Just to add some context, that place is one of the heaviest traffic areas I can think of. All the I-95 traffic that wants to get into the city, or continue going north on I-95, which at that point is the New Jersey Turnpike, which comes up alongside the city on the other side of the Hudson River from Manhattan and is 20 lanes wide in places and is actually the main street of the New York City area, and all the traffic coming into the city from the suburbs out in New Jersey on I-80, which ends right there, is trying to get across the GW Bridge.

Even in the middle of the night, when I tried to arrange crossing it, it's a confusing nightmare and there's always a backup.

Vicki said...

Love your Inferno reference to the current state of Chris Christie's psyche.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope we see the same type of reporting and accountability in New Mexico. The legislative committees are doing their jobs in NJ. We need the same kind of ethic in both municipal and state government. We also need this type of reporting against bullies like the Albuquerque CAO, Rob Perry, and Gov Martinez's bully, Jay McCleskey. The question is: Do we have the people to make it happen here?

Anonymous said...

Jim, you have posted about the mysterious death of Mary Han. There was a small update in yesterday's Albuq Journal. I am surprised super-conservative Kent Waltz allowed it to be published and can only wonder what he edited out:

Your fellow blogger, Joe Monahan, said "The fight for truth in mysterious death of ABQ attorney Mary Han is long and ardous. It seems to make City nervous" on his twitter account.

Maybe he is right?

Unknown said...

What Christie does is irrelevant to righties. They vote for whoever will protect the privilege and power of the tribe. They will vote for him if he eats puppies for breakfast. It's not about ideology. It sure isn't about ethics. It's about who has power in our world and who doesn't.