Thursday, January 16, 2014


The Governor's latest favorability numbers are down.  Susana Martinez's vulnerability is up.  And her democratic challengers are invisible.  There is so much to do and so little time that one wonders why some of those folks aren't making a little more noise right now.  That noise could be heard even if the oblivious media won't help.

The only thing I have received from any of the candidates via email and phone calls are requests to become a delegate at the pre-primary nominating convention, or an appeal for money.  Sure that  has to be done.  But where is the social media and internet communications on the sorry state of our economy and dwindling hope under the leadership of the Martinez administration.

There are more than a few issues one could beat up on.

  1. People moving out of New Mexico instead of moving in.
  2. Our state's dismal economic status compared to our neighbors.
  3. The failure of Susana's administration on helping lift children out of dangerous situations.
  4. The lack of adequate training for the State Police which culminates in opening fire on a van full of children.
  5. The obvious lack of a plan to deal with job development in NM.
  6. The existence of a non state employee running the governor's office in the form of Jay McCleskey.
  7. The failure of the Governor's tax cuts to do anything but enrich the rich.
The list could go on and on but these are some basic things the candidates should be screaming about.  The candidate in the primary who can intelligently and effectively debate these issues has my vote.  But they need to get off their butts and start doing so right now.

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