Thursday, January 02, 2014

Governor's Race

It is like everyone has been asleep and are now just awaking to the fact that the democrats in New Mexico will elect a candidate in about six months who will take on our right wing republican governor, Susana Martinez.  Her big accomplishment so far in four years is having a protective media that no longer does their job or, as in the case of the Albuquerque Journal, goes out of their way to keep her safe.

So the democrats will have to choose wisely in June.  I am beginning to think that no matter how much favor Martinez and her handler Jay McClesky get from the media, the abysmal economic meltdown in our state will make her more vulnerable that anyone thought.  But only the strongest candidate with a knowledge of New Mexico, a strong background of economic development and some experience in maneuvering our states multiple and sometimes weird constituencies can win this race.

I have said before that Lawrence Rael and Alan Webber were the ones that could win the primary election next June.  Now, I am beginning to see that Webber may not have the wide ranging native intelligence required to pull this off.  So, here is an idea at this late stage.  Maybe he should consider running for Lt. Governor.  It would help in that he would give a good financial backing to the Governor's and Lt. Governor's races by being on the team.  Rael, with his superior knowledge of New Mexico and Webber with his successful business background could mount a solid challenge next November.

Things can't remain quiet much longer.  Since the media are incapable of dealing with current economic issues the candidates are going to need to innovate ways of getting out their message.  It can't wait.


Michael said...

You said:
"I am beginning to see that Webber may not have the wide ranging native intelligence required to pull this off."

Having meet Alan Webber I wonder where this comment comes from? My impression was that he was a very intelligent and concerned individual who moved to New Mexico after a successful career. Moreover, everything I can find out about the guy is good. A friend and native New Mexican now living in California upon hearing that Webber was running for Governor was quite pleased and told me how well respected he was in venture capital and startup circles.

You have made a nasty and mean spirited charge which needs to be backed up with some evidence. Else we are left to see it as a provincial swipe at a non-native New Mexican who has the audacity to run for Governor.

Anonymous said...

I don't base my decisions on candidates on Michael's interaction with them. Perhaps that would be Michael's mother. I sincerely hope Mr Webber doesn't have Michael on his staff as this type of accusatory post is counter productive to the candidate.

Bubba Muntzer said...

What's there not to be quiet about? New Mexicans will have a choice between two parties that are saying to them, you're on your own, sucker.

Republicans want to throw people off unemployment, Democrats want to throw people off unemployment. Both parties just said, Look we're only adding around 200,000 jobs a month but lets throw 1.3 million people into the work force. That'll keep wages down.

Both just voted to cut Medicare in this latest budget deal, which cuts billions from social spending and will drag growth down. Both have been angling for ways to cut Social Security. Vote Democrat. We're trying to pass the chained CPI. You won't have to do without as much in your retirement as if you voted Republican.

Neither is talking about the widening gap between the top and bottom. Neither proposes to do anything about it. Both will keep taxes on corporations and the wealthy at almost zero. Neither will propose deficit spending to boost the economy.

Both parties are saying, Look, the good times are in the past. You have to suck it up. Both are saying, Yea, it's sad, but after a year looking for a good job you're going to have to go to work for McDonald's or Wal Mart, and by the way, forget about college for your kids. Forgot about a brighter future for them.

Take away the few social issues and they are the exact same party. It makes no difference whatsoever in most peoples lives who is governor of New Mexico. I've heard nothing from any Democratic candidate that makes me believe any differently.

NM voter until I get it right said...

What is Mr Webber's tax rate? 20 percent of the Mitt Romney 14% special for the income we can prove not the overseas stash?

The lower and middle class have every reason to be suspicious of a rich white guy trying to get a power position even if it is in our poor state. Maybe Mr Webber really cares about New. Mexicans, maybe he wants a national position like Susana Martinez. It is too early to tell.

What isn't too early to tell is that NM is a culturally diverse and unique state. Eastern NM is nothing like western NM and southern NM is nothing like northern NM. It takes a unique person to balance the interests of all such that all four corners are taken care of. Add to that our disappointment in our current and previous governors and you may be able to understand why we are all skeptical and gunshy about a new guy in town wanting our trust and vote.

Vicki said...

I just met Alan Webber last night and I for one was impressed with his knowledge, background, passion, and understanding of the issues NM faces. I would not have that lost on a Lt. Governor position.

Donald F Schiff said...

Jim, if you haven't met Alan Webber, you should. He has a je-ne-sais-quoi that I associate with exceptionally successful people. I was very impressed at his open house yesterday, and I have a bias against business-types running for high office. However, this could be the year for a different strategy. Not only could Alan Webber win, I can see him doing a very good job.

As a State Central Committee member, I have an automatic vote at the Pre-primary Convention, for whatever much that's worth. (I know you think it's a waste of energy.) This is the "Show me something" time in the campaign for party insiders like me. I've rejected two candidates based on past experience with them, and I have not yet vetted the other two. I'm uncommitted until I finish my process. I can tell you that I like Alan Webber, and I perceive a possible path to victory for him. He most certainly has my attention.

If, if, if.
But, but, but.

That goes for every candidate. We'll see how they all do with the challenges and learning curve required to win elective office.