Friday, March 07, 2014


We were chatting over coffee the other day about the 2016 general election.  We came to the conclusion that the media and the pols want to return to the 90's, and none of us thought that was a good idea.  The names of Clinton and Bush keep coming up.  The question is, do we want to go there?  Do we want to return to either of those dynasties?  Will this country just keep going back to the same old families and recycling?

Of course, we would support Hilary if she is the nominee for the democrats.  We would support anyone that isn't a republican.  But it might be time for a whole new crew to start running things.  Some one smart and not affiliated with the Tea Party, neo cons, or road blocking revenge artists.

As far as New Mexico races in 2014, the level of excitement three months from the Primaries is almost non existent.  The media seems content to put up puff pieces lauding the incumbents (republicans) and the democratic challengers for Governor seem to be wandering aimlessly looking for someone to listen to them.  All while the rightwing Albuquerque Journal editor does editorials weekly that practically canonizes republican office holders.

And the public sleeps.  Perhaps they should read "The Next America" by Paul Taylor of Pew Research.  Things are changing and it is time to stop looking backwards.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

What you're saying about Hillary perfectly represents the misgivings about her on the Left. She's just too much a part of the establishment.

And because she's a woman and perceived to be Liberal minded people will project their hopes onto her, as they did Obama, and be disappointed.

It will be interesting to see how the Millennials Paul Taylor talks about in the book effect things. Democrats have most of their votes now, and because Democrats think they cam count on an increasing majority of the nationwide vote, see little reason to change anything, and have not. It will be up to these kids, an increasing percentage of whom will be Latino, to assert themselves.