Monday, March 17, 2014


I mis-identified the reporter in my post from yesterday.  Stupid me.  It was Michael Coleman that was miffed.  Not James Monteleone.  My mistake and apologies to anyone's sensitivities.  I edited the post!


Bubba Muntzer said...

I just read his column. He should be less concerned with pouting and more concerned about why the intelligence committee has suddenly stopped talking. Have threats been made? Is the White House leaning on someone? Has some kind of deal been cut? Did Diane Feinstein find a horsehead in her bed?

Going by my experience, the reasons he was given are bs. And what's this with sending an email and leaving a message and then sitting on your butt? That's not reporting. That's sitting on your butt.

There are all kinds of people who know what's going on up there, and he needs to find one.

Anonymous said...

Jim your comments on yet another example of APD and the Bernalillo County District Attorney leaving innocent people to rot in jail for almost 4 years. This is like ground hog day, Kari Brandenburg and APD (Schultz and Berry) don't make any changes. They just keep doing the same and the citizens keep writing the checks.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Things are getting curious on this story. Not only have they clammed up but it's apparently being swept under the rug by everybody, and if there's any investigation of what the CIA did it will be done in secret, according to this

which also points out that the media has essentially buried the story.

I just googled 'cia intelligence committee' and hardly anything comes up, and from the big media there's pretty much nothing. It dried up in a hurry.

I'm kind of surprised that Martin's initial statement on it is still on his senate web site.

The question for me is, if everyone - Senate, White House, CIA, Democrats, Republicans - are so quickly agreeing to forget this ever happened, why did Feinstein and Heinrich bring it up in the first place?

Any why is Heinrich's statement still up? Is he the lone rebel in this? Is he holding out on his own?