Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Twenty Years Later

Garage Makeover from James Baca on Vimeo.

We finally cleaned out our garage.  I helped by taking a time lapse movie.  It really helped.  Right?  By putting this on my blog one of my best friends would say I am narcissistic.  But anyone who has a blog or facebook page are anyway.  I mean what does one need with college text books when one is approaching 70.  Stuff you always wanted to save until you realized that you haven't looked at it or even remembered you had it since the 70's.  So it is gone and now we have a garage so clean we don't want to park our cars in it.  Life is strange.  We find out the big bang beginning of the universe is for real and we worry about our slum garage.

I need to go put this movie on my facebook page.


Vicki said...

Your garage looks really great! It's wonderful that these two have a nifty little business. There is a demand out there for many services and products so new entrepreneurs are always creating small businesses that keep our economy greased. But, people need to have money in their bank accounts to pay for goods and services, start a business, grow a business, and if Susana Martinez and the GOP keep depressing our economy by smacking down minimum wage increases, affordable health care, workers' rights (including the collection of union dues), and paying attention only to giving away our state resources cheap to the big corporations and extractive industries, there will only be two classes of people in New Mexico -- the very wealthy and the poor, dependent on government and charitable handouts.

Bubba Muntzer said...

What Vicki said.

The garage video and makeover are pretty impressive. Can I borrow that camera? I want that to happen in my apartment.

I'm a little worried. I was reading about that big bang and it occurred when a lot matter accumulated in one place.