Monday, March 24, 2014

Send a Message Correction

The public is getting angry, all the way around, in Albuquerque.  Hopefully, a public protest in downtown Albuquerque at 6pm Tuesday(correction from earlier post)  evening might get the Mayor and City Council out of their bunkers to talk about the murder of the homeless and mentally disturbed man by police.  The Mayor hasn't uttered a peep in over a week.  It shows a lack of responsibility, but then again maybe he is afraid of our assault rifle toting cops.  Hell, they even have armored cars these days.  A military unit rather than a community police and service force.

The protest will start a 6pm at the Alvarado Transportation Center at 1st and Central and then move to the Civic Plaza.


Anonymous said...

Time to demand Berry resign. He has done nothing for 5 years and he owns the mess this city is in. No one showed up to vote in October, well now we can do our jobs as citizens and recall Berry. He is responsible.

Anonymous said...

Cops all over the country, anxious to exhibit their military prowess, seem to want to shoot first and ask questions later. "Protect and Serve" has become "Pursue and Shoot". Berry and the Police Chief need to go.

Anonymous said...

The protest is on Tuesday

Donald F Schiff said...

Jim, you have it exactly right.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that hundreds of protestors camp out on Civic Plaza after the protest to show solidarity with the poor, homeless and mentally ill of Albuquerque. Camp out on Civic Plaza and force this do nothing cowardly mayor to come back to town and address APD.

Camping out on Civic Plaza will be the spark this community needs to bring us together for a common cause, protect our poor, homeless, mentally ill, children (don't forget Omaree).

Camp out on Civic Plaza!

Bubba Muntzer said...

Re "The public is getting angry, all the way around, in Albuquerque."

That's true as evidenced by the increased comments. Here, and even the Journal and the web sites of the TV stations, where the police have always been defended until now, but now those comments are few and are quickly refuted.

Not to detract from the point, but as police become more aggressive nationwide, a thought to keep in the back of one's mind; Why are the police being armed with military gear?