Monday, March 17, 2014

The Big Cash

The cash machine is being turned on by corporate America for the republican party in New Mexico once again.  No big surprise there, but one can see the real motivations here as you see this money moving down the ballot to the Secretary of State contest.

The Virginia based Republican State Leadership Committee will be sending money to defeat democrat Maggie Tolouse Oliver in her bid to oust republican Dianna Duran in hopes that they can continue to use Duran to suppress the vote of poor people and minorities.  This committee is helped along by it's co-chair Governor Susana Martinez.  It is shameful and embarrassing.

The Secretary of State's race may be the most important statewide contest this year.  If people are to be allowed to vote without hassles and intimidation then Maggie must be elected.  I am not talking about the issue of showing an ID at voting time.  That doesn't bother me so much.  But making it hard for people to register to vote or messing around with unnecessary paperwork and voting time would have a real effect on the working poor.  This is what the republicans aim to do with Duran.

Send every dime you can to Maggie Tolouse Oliver to help her beat down corporate interference in our democracy.  You can find her website here.


Anonymous said...

Maggie is not the only one that needs to worry about big outside money in her race. Martinez and McClusky will no doubt raise upward to $10 to $12 million which will allow them to dump millions into the Attorney Generals race as well as the house races. Susana does not want to deal with Hector Balderas as Attorney General during her second term and risking him investigating and prosecuting her administration so he can run for Governor. Remember that is how Toney Anaya went from AG to becoming Governor and almost beat Domenici for Senate. It is common knowledge Hector has ambitions to be Governor. Appointing Greg Forrate Director of Public Safety was the first step in giving him major name ID for a run at AG now or in 4 years. Do not be surprised if the current, very weak Republican candidate for AG steps aside and they put Greg Forrate in to run instead and finance him with a million bucks. Forrate will be able brag about convicting Manny Aragon and being a former US Attorney and Hector will be left talking about his audits. Hector has about $600,000 now but that will not be enough to compete with the national money that could come in if Susana wants it done. Lets hope Democrats wake up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

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Cheers, Mi3ke