Thursday, March 27, 2014

Leaderless Response

Just like the so called 'Occupy' movement that went no where, so will this group 'Anonymous' who have threatened cyber warfare against the Albuquerque Police Department.  These idiots are managing to take attention off the police department and put it on themselves.  And all they will do is take taxpayer resources away to protect computer files and systems instead of fixing our broken and shattered public safety program in the Duke City.

The 'Occupy' movement did nothing more that set  up overnight campsites.  No leaders came forth to make that well intentioned mob into a real political force.  The same can be said for "Anonymous' because we don't even know who they are.  Maybe 16 year old computer nerds in the Balkans?  Who knows?

And now all political candidates are following the public outcry.  They are condemning the APD shootings a week or two late after taking their toes out of the water.  Some leadership!  Attorney General Gary King says his department will investigate the shootings.  Where has he been over the last two years?


Anonymous said...

You mean "Anonymous" is run by Richard Berry??????

Leaderless. He skips out of a press conference yesterday because he is afraid he will be asked why his staff lied about him being in Brazil (he wasn't). Now he says he was in Arizona, but no proof and no explanation why he didn't return to Albuquerque after to Boyd shooting. The media needs to hammer this home. Something stinks. Was Berry hiking the Appilacian Trail just like the South Carolina governor? Where has our AWOL mayor been and why is he lying about it?

Anonymous said...

Jim, all you do is gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe grip gripe gripe gripe gripe gripe...

Nobody is ever doing enough for you. You're either too smart and they're idiots or they're bought and paid for. Well guess what, you're a buffoon and you're usually late to the party. And save your breath Bubba retard, you're just a cheerleader.

Anonymous said...

This is what how republicans right wingers respond when they have nothing else to say about the needless murder of the poor and homeless. This is no doubt one of the neo con minions of the governor and mayor.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Occupy changed the dynamics of the 2012 election. Before Occupy no one was talking about wealth and income inequality, but with Occupy it came to the forefront. It became part of the language. It's now an established fact.

No one in the political system or the mainstream media is giving voice to what working people know needs to be done, but that doesn't mean they don't know it. Inequality may no longer be in the headlines every day, but mainstream economists have been writing about the effect it's having and will have on the long term economic well being of the US.

Occupy did one other thing. You're right. No one came forward to lead it. Which means no Democrat.

There might not be a vehicle through which working people can express their interests right now, but that doesn't mean that Democrats, who hid under their desks until Barak Obama mercifully and violently evicted the Occupy protesters from their encampments, weren't shown for what they are, the socially liberal half of a one party political system that's beholden to the class that pays for it.