Monday, March 24, 2014

Changing a Tune

In 2011 the City Council wanted the Mayor to call in the Justice Department to look at the Police Department.  He vetoed their bill.  See this to see the veto message.

And who will ask the hard questions of the Mayor, his APD Chief, and his CAO.  Certainly not the local TV station reporters who looked like kiddie show hosts in their interviews.

As one of my commenters said, "Just saw Berry's interviews on Channel 13 and Channel 4 and very pathetic, not just for him, but for the stations and its reporters. Berry look uncomfortable, his eyes puffy and his voice cracked in one interview. No hard questions at all by the reporters. No questions as to how much he,Perry and Eden were in the know last week nor why top APD management did not have better control of the situation. No questions asked if he intends to discipline or hold Eden accountable for his quick judgment that the shooting was justified or if he regrets appointing Eden. No questions on Perry's role. No questions as to where was Berry all week. Berry referring the case to Justice is a joke seeing that it no doubt will be looking at the case anyway."


Anonymous said...

Channel 13 interviewed Eden and he said he was "caught of guard by the question" was it a justified shooting? He said he was wrong with his answer that it was a justified shooting. Are kidding me? We now have the complete politicization of APD. He had 5 days to investigate and be prepared for the press conferenced and form an opinion. Eden gave his answer and opinion, was thrown under the bus by Berry and Perry, and now looks like and absolute and complete fool and idiot.

Anonymous said...

consider signing the online petition for justice for Mary Han - force the courts or the attorney general to convene a grand jury to investigate APD. All signatures welcome - not just Albuquerque: