Thursday, March 13, 2014


It is really pretty amazing that our legislature continually rolls over for big business.  Yesterday I was thinking how Texas and Arizona had screwed themselves out of contention for the Tesla Battery Factory by not allowing direct sales of Tesla cars with in their borders.  Today we find out that the same is true for the Land of Enchantment.  The big car dealers, like all big  business, just have their way with our lawmakers in protecting themselves from competition.  It may not be a showstopper for our state given that we don't pass crazy laws on abortion and against gay citizens.  Texas and Arizona won't be looked favorably on by the modern and left of center Tesla company executives.  So, it may just come down to New Mexico and Nevada.  Here is hoping we can compete.  My money would be on southern NM with its new rail transportation hub near Santa Teresa.  I really want to buy one of those Tesla cars.  When they start mass production of a cheaper version I will get one.  My roof top solar panels can fuel it!

We are in an age of constant surveillance.  That is why I am intrigued about the missing Malaysian airliner.  How can it just disappear without a clue?  This may be one of our future urban legends and the subject of SciFi movies.  Remember the "Maria Celeste?"


Vicki said...

We don't allow electric cars to be sold in New Mexico?

Jim Baca said...

Not unless there is a dealership in the state. You can buy them, but you have to go to another state. You have to go buy one at a dealership in another state. strange but true.

David Amos said...

Ok so there is a restriction on electric car dealership… this is odd, if anything new is being introduced everyone should take part in promoting it.