Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Pan to Fire

I mean really, Governor!  If a viral video of your police officers shooting at a van load of kids isn't enough to strain their reputation then why pile more credibility problems on?  Why would they want to keep changes to the training curriculum at the police academy a secret?

Susana, you have been pretty adept at controlling the media.  You only appear on your terms and the lame editor and reporters don't seem to ever go off script.  But they just couldn't ignore the secrecy on this issue and frankly cracks have appeared in you p.r. teflon.

And while we are at it, could we possibly get some transparency on the APD Academy curriculum?  It would be nice to see it some time too, if the Mayor could show some backbone in not rolling over for the cop shop.


Anonymous said...

How about a felony investigation into Tasergate. The giving of Taser a $2,000,000 Albuquerque Police Contract in exchange for APD Chief Ray Schultz getting a big paying job with Taser. The contract was signed in July 2013 and Schultz went to work for Taser 8 weeks later! If that isn't Pay to Play then nothing is. Where is the Bernalillo County District Attorney? Where is the New Mexico Attorney General? Where is the FBI, Department of Justice and the US Attorney? What does it take for these people to open an investigation into Ray Schultz and Taser and the granting of a mulitmillion dollar contract in exchange for a high paying job at Taser? What does it take?

Donald F Schiff said...

The only way the Governatrix loses in November is if her many sins come home to roost. She has ridden on her PR Teflon throughout her term, but how long will the cracks take to rust? With the current crop of Democratic candidates flailing away, that remains to be seen.

Anonymous said...

...not holding my breath waiting the Governor's sins to be held up for examination by any of the state's bought and paid for lickspittle media outlets, much less the so-called leadership of the Democratic party

Donald F Schiff said...

Sadly, I'm not holding my breath either, and the only smidgen of leadership I see in our gubernatorial field is a carpetbagger.