Monday, March 24, 2014

Out of the Bunker

The Mayor held one on one sessions today with reporters on the killing of that mentally ill man in the foothills by APD.  He seems to be afraid of  reporters in packs….not just up to it and wants to be in control I guess.  And of course the journalists go right along in being controlled.

But after a week of silence he has agreed that the shooting was 'unsettling.'  He has asked the Justice Department to look into it.

My guess is that his week of silence has backfired on him.  His advisors really screwed this one up and his own inclinations, if he had any, will just be invisible to us.  I can tell you that he is in a world of stress right now.  He is taking it on the chin while most of the city council hides in the bushes.

None of them are going to see this issue die out very soon.


Anonymous said...

Just saw Berry's interviews on Channel 13 and Channel 4 and very pathetic, not just for him, but for the stations and its reporters. Berry look uncomfortable, his eyes puffy and his voice cracked in one interview. No hard questions at all by the reporters. No questions as to how much he,Perry and Eden were in the know last week nor why top APD management did not have better control of the situation. No questions asked if he intends to discipline or hold Eden accountable for his quick judgment that the shooting was justified or if he regrets appointing Eden. No questions on Perry's role. No questions as to where was Berry all week. Berry referring the case to Justice is a joke seeing that it no doubt will be looking at the case anyway. Referring the case to Las Cruces PD accomplishes absolutely nothing seeing it has no jurisdiction to do anything. Berry should be calling for a special grand jury investigation, put all officers involved on immediate leave, and relieve Eden of his duties and figure out if he needs to look for another Chief. Berry should also tell the Department of Justice to stop dragging its feet, finish its investigation and take over the Department seeing that Berry's management team for the last 5 years has not got the job done. Eden is clearly over his head and should not have been appointed Chief.

Anonymous said...

Prediction: The tone of Berry's second term as well as his entire legacy and how he will be remembered have now been set in stone by this one incident and his mismanagement: A clueless, caretaker leader with no backbone and a political coward. But boy, he sure is a nice guy!

Anonymous said...

Is Civic Plaza rally still on for tomorrow?

Dan said...

I think Ken Sanchez and Don Harris (and the entire city council) owe Sheriff Dan Houston and BCSO an apology for dragging him before them and telling him that having the COPS TV show would put Albuquerque in a bad light.

They should mind their own business and leave Sheriff Houston and BCSO out of it. Sheriff Houston and BCSO have not embarrassed us. In fact they are one damn fine police department.

Well Ken Sanchez can we hear you sing "Bad Boys" now? You all owe Sheriff Houston an apology.