Thursday, March 27, 2014

Where was Berry?

Where was Mayor Berry during the week that was?  First he was said to be traveling in Brazil on a trade mission.  Then he was said to be in Phoenix, except no word about that actually being true or accurate from the Mayor.  In fairness,  he was said to have a medical procedure and that could explain a secretive absence.  But, it is a close call on whether a Mayor's health issue is a public concern.  Because of the current chaos he really needs to let people know.

And, I am still waiting for a report on how that other suspect died last week after allegedly shooting the police dog.  If he wasn't shot to death by police, how did he die?  By his own hand?  Or by the police?


Anonymous said...

Gary has had his head down working. You really don't believe the Alb press do you? He has been vilified for breathing by the Journal.

Anonymous said...

Hiking the Appalachian Trail?

Anonymous said...

Hard to figure out why Berry is not just up front about what was going on and what he was really doing for two weeks. Sources say he is on the phone a lot with Mc Clusky and Kent Waltz, and both these guys know the importance of not lying to the press and that failing to disclose and misleading people is a form of lying. Just what was the medical procedure? A colonoscopy? Surely not a vasectomy because you need a pair for that. Basic truth: Berry cannot handle pressure and cannot handle confrontation. A year ago, protesters showed up to the Mayors office and Berry high tailed it out of the 11th floor and had his Division meetings on another floor because he was afraid of the crowd.

Anonymous said...

If KOB, KOAT, Journal and KRQE don't start asking Berry about his week long disappearance from the city I can promise you another news agency is already on it.

Remember when KRQE got Dick Kniping's head handed to them over the Deal at the Downs by the Santa Fe Reporter.

This is about to happen again. Where was Berry? Why didn't he go to Brazil? Why did his staff lie to the public? Who was Berry with? Answers coming soon but not from the big 4. They are losing their rankings because they refuse to do real news.