Tuesday, March 25, 2014


We have heard the police dog is recovering from another incident in which a suspect died last week after being pursued by APD.  We know the dog was shot but APD still isn't saying how the suspect died.  They just said he wasn't shot.  Will someone remember to ask that question until it is answered?

The march from the Alvarado Transportation Center  to City Hall is still scheduled tonight to protest APD's continued violent solutions to confrontations.  I hope there is a very large turn out.  If there isn't, then time will cover up this killing in the foothills.  Somewhat like the Mayor, new political Police Chief, and city council now belatedly covering themselves from the outcry of the citizens.

On another issue, if I were an employee of Channel 13 I would be very worried that the sale of their TV stations is being closed.  The company buying them is reportedly paying a 68% premium over stock value to their current owners.  That means lots of cost savings in the future.  Anyone with a salary above a certain level will be fired and replaced with someone willing to work for poverty level wages.  And the real danger is that the new owners own so many media outlets and are just getting bigger and bigger.  Corporate controlled journalism is growing.

This sale shouldn't be allowed to happen.  The FCC should deny the transfer of these licenses.

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