Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We all owe a debt of gratitude to Senator Martin Heinrich and Senator Tom Udall for being resolute in holding the CIA accountable for domestic spying.  Our New Mexico Senators probably had a hand in Senator Diane Feinstein taking the spy agency to the woodshed yesterday for spying on Senate computers and staff.  Heinrich was an early alarm system for the unfettered spying on our own citizens.  It shows one more side of Heinrich.  He is not afraid to do the right thing.


Donald F Schiff said...

Martin Heinrich is a truly fine Senator. Everything he does makes me proud!

Bubba Muntzer said...

This isn't making headlines but some of the few who have been following this in the media are calling it a constitutional crises.

Martin alludes to this aspect of it in his statement on his senate web site.

It's about the separation of powers, in this instance the oversight congress is supposed to do on the executive branch, which the CIA is part of. The CIA has not been making this possible (among other crimes it's been commiting in regard to the intelligence committee) and the president is either going along with the CIA or is unable to control it.

Martin directly addresses this constitutional aspect in his statement.

The media in general probably doesn't understand what it's all about and are vaguely aware of the intelligence committee's (which Martin Heinrich is on) investigation of the CIA and the report on it that he's talking about, which still needs to be declassified before it can be released. I see nothing in the Journal about any of it.

Martin isn't trumpeting all this from the rooftops, but he's not flinching from it, as you say. He really takes on the CIA in his statement.

Anonymous said...

He is ok, but what has he done for New Mexico?

Ned said...

Is there a better young senator in the whole place? I don't think so. Sensible, practical, thoughtful, smart. (And I am saying this without needing anything from him.) He cares about New Mexicans and New Mexico, he's honest, and he works hard. Three for three.