Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Governor Martinez is putting the hurt on her own state employees.  The corporate sponsored republican has now decided that she wants to weaken state employee unions by stopping dues deductions on state paychecks.

Doesn't she have something better to do?  Perhaps, as my friend Rodger suggested, she should climb into the state's tourism bus and go to Tesla headquarters and set up shop.  Greet employees.  Hand out brochures.  And maybe corner the CEO in the parking lot to offer him a bowl of green chile stew.

But no, she will spend time and political capital on screwing working people.

Life is too short.


Vicki said...

Everything the Guv does is from the Koch Brothers and ALEC playbook -- now she wants to weaken the Unions who have contracts with the State by denying "check off" dues collection. She does nothing to help the working man and woman in this state, but she smiles and reads to school kids and the average worker thinks she's "a nice lady".

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a state employee who has no use for the union and is tired of sending my money to them...go Governor.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a state employee who isn't being forced like many others to work lunch hours, overtime and Saturdays without pay or comp time - or being told by their supervisor that complaining will get them written up for insubordination and 'if you don't like it get another job'.