Friday, January 27, 2017

A Thankful Governor and Mayor

Susana and Richard should be overjoyed.  All the heat and intensity in the media is off of them for a while.  Our certifiably unhinged President is consuming all the ink and zeros and ones as he continues to deconstruct our Democracy.  Who knew that we could have such bad relations with one of our stalwart bordering neighbors in just ten days.  The question is will Canada be on that list too?  They have to be scratching their heads at the complete mental breakdown in DC.  Watch this.

And yet, Susana and Richard continue to do everything wrong in getting New Mexico out of the economic seventh circle of hell we find ourselves in.  Especially Susana.  Pretty soon Mayor Berry will exit office and ten or so candidates will want to be there as a replacement.  But unless they start talking specifics on how to improve the job market, then they will not get elected.

As far as the Mayor's race goes, I have a suspicion that the person who hasn't announced yet might well win it.  Some one out of the blue with money and some accomplishments under their belt could sweep all of this up.

And when Susana exits we can only hope that a reasonable Governor will be elected.  For all of the obvious economic reasons, but some political ones as well.  Our next Governor, and many others around the country, will have veto power over right wing attempts at gerrymandering after the next census.  We need to replace all of those ultra crazy republican Governors so they cant stop reform attempts in redrawing congressional districts.

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