Sunday, January 15, 2017

Loss for Words

The oil, gas, mining and cow industry took out a full two page ad in the Journal today.  This is normal pre-legislative session propaganda in which they take credit for paying so many taxes and so "you should be nice to us."  The oil guys often lump royalties into their tax category, when in fact it is payment for oil and gas owned by the public or the State Land Office.

But, I am at a loss for words today.  They actually state that since New Mexico's education system is 'spotty', that we should depend on low skill jobs to keep us going.  Of course they want less regulation and government responsibility for the public health safety and welfare.  So, give them bigger profits and they will hire into their boom and bust industry, which by the way is destroying the planet.

I could not believe I read this.  These guys are like the plantation owners of the past who would probably enslave these workers if given the opportunity.

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