Monday, January 09, 2017


More candidates for Mayor are popping up.  City Councillor Dan Lewis and a retired cop, Michelle Garcia Holmes, announced on Sunday.  I would give Holmes a thumbs up because at least she got specific on some things she would attempt to do.  It seems Lewis fell back on the crime issue, fear and loathing in the Duke City.  A poor start.  I expected more from him.

I recently had an email from Brian Colon who will be entering the race asking me to attend his party.  I emailed back and asked him what he specifically had in mind for moving our city forward.  His only response was to come by and listen to him.  Weak.

I have a feeling that the person who might be Mayor hasn't announced yet, or even announced they are thinking about it.  It will be a pretty crazy campaign year for Albuquerque.  I will be looking for someone with specific goals and mileposts they want to achieve.  I am not looking for some one who is interested in 'being there.'


Anonymous said...

Bet you loved the speech Meryl Streep gave last night at the Golden Globes.

Donald Schiff said...

Candidates would be well advised to heed you!