Saturday, January 14, 2017

Steve Pearce

Congressman Steve Pearce is an immoral man.  He has a nice health insurance package unlike the millions of people he just hosed.  He has just voted to deep six the health insurance of a quarter of a million of New Mexicans.  He is a one man death panel committee for the state.

Is there no one in the media who will ask him to explain himself?  No one?  Oh, they would but they are spending to much time down at the local police department waiting for the latest lapel camera video of drunks and gangers.  Do the TV  stations even have photographers anymore?

But, I digress.  Seriously, how does Pearce and his ilk think this is going to play out?  After the first few children of poverty die for lack of healthcare, do they think the family is just going to forget about it?  Or will they show up someday seeking an eye for an eye?   It is coming.  Just wait and see.


Ok, then said...

That vote was along distinctly drawn party lines.

Dr. Sax said... eye for an eye?

Anonymous said...

They won't die from lack of healthcare, they will go to the emergency room.