Monday, January 30, 2017

Beam Me Up

Simply speaking, trump and his aides really are not smart people. Do you remember that Star Trek Episode where a bunch of idiots had tried to operate a Star Ship but were so dumb they couldn't get anything to work? here is a script out take. Sound familiar?

 "This is Commander William Riker of the USS Enterprise."
"We received a mayday message from your ship."
"What is the nature of your problem?"
"We are far from home."
"Aren't we all. What was the reason for your distress signal?"
"We are Pakleds. Our ship is the Mondor. It is broken."
"What brings you so far from home?"
"We look for things."
"What sort of things?"
"Things we need."
"Can you be more specific?"

"Things to make us go. We need help."

P.S. My three and five year old grandsons attended their first protest last night at the Syracuse Airport.  I am proud of them and their parents.

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