Sunday, January 29, 2017


A Tsunami of news.  Trump puts up a religious test for immigrants, i.e., Muslims.  He will reap the whirlwind on this one.  And don't forget the people who stand around him smiling when he signs these executive orders.  And Steve Bannon on the NSC.  What  could go wrong?

And then two wonderfully juxtaposed news stories on the front page of the ABQ Journal, thankfully with a new Editor coming on board.  The economic devastation that is the hallmark accomplishment of the Susana Martinez administration finally laid out in its entirety.  The headline is "EXODUS".  No job creation and no future.  The fact left out is that we have even less jobs than prior to the recession in 2008.  15,000 less jobs.  Go to the Journal website and read comments on the story for a real eye opener. trumpists blaming taxes and everything else.  Some natives saying we deserve it and aren't ready for better things.  That's religion working there.

And  then a tribute to the stupidity that is Susana in a story about the hopelessness of the state of children in the Land of Enchantment.  Susana's solution?  More tax cuts for her corporate friends and less money for Education and the Judicial system.  Frankly, she is having a day like trump.  Pretty soon I will not capitalize her name either.


Proud Dem said...

The Exodus article was really good mayor Baca. Where is the outrage from New Mexicans as Susana "La Tejana" travels the nation raising $ for Republicons and leaving her state twisting in the wind? New Mexico is nearly last in every category and the state is bankrupt thanks to her INCOMPETANCE!

Thank God good things come out of terrible situations. Whether it's Donald Dump awakening a sleeping giant as in Latinos, progressives, and women. Or next year when Dems wipe the floor with either Susana's worthless Lt. Governor, John "8 more years of the same" Sanchez, or mayor Richard "Albuquerque's economy sucks and all the streets are torn up" Berry. Americans nationally and New Mexicans, locally, are starting to waken up from their siesta.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't forget the Journal also put on the front page (Saturday) that APD doesn't believe a man (not a family member) forcibly attempting to kiss a 10 year old girl (Victoria Martens) is NOT a crime. I bet there are some cops, judges and distric attorneys that disagree. Then in an attempt at cover up that would make Richard Nixon shudder, APD Command says they have know proof any officers checked into the alleged assault on 10 year old Victoria, but they know officers were dispatched. And was there a report taken? APD command says, naw we don't need one. Opppps Eden / Huntsman should check their own SOP. After Omaree Varela was murdered APD SOP requires a offense / incident report be taken on every call that alleges a crime against a child. So where is it? I doubt APD officers were even dispatched. And instead of owning up to their own blunders Gorden and Bob just compounded things by lying to all of us. And five months later Victoria Martens was brutally raped and murdered. It's time for Gorden Eden and Bob Huntsman to be fired. They have lead APD down the road to perdition. Mayor Berry are you out there?

Bubba Muntzer said...

Nowhere in that Journal article is there a hint of why New Mexico's economy is stagnant. Just as in the nation there's more money being made here than ever but the economy doesn't really grow any more. Obama is the first president to have never overseen a single year of 3 percent growth. You may have heard this reality referred to as "the new normal."

The reason is the change over the past four decades in how income is distributed. The record inequality in wealth and income that Occupy with it's 1 percent and 99 percent slogans made us aware of has actual consequences for the economy.

A study released by NM Voices For Children in 2012 and conducted by the Economic Policy Institute found that from "the late 1990s to the mid-2000s, the incomes of New Mexico’s richest fifth of households grew by 30.2% percent while those of New Mexico’s poorest fifth grew by just 7.4%."

Since the recession it's gotten worse. Consider that the stock markets are at record highs but incomes for those of us who get our income from wages are where they were in 1970, when American families had virtually the same standard of living they do now but achieved that with far fewer women in the workforce and bringing home that second paycheck.

No spare money in the mass of consumer's pockets means lower demand means lower wages means lower demand, and lower job creation. The jobs that are created basically suck. You've mentioned it here. Almost all jobs created now are either part time, contract or temporary.

The political class will do nothing about this situation especially in this day when both the parties are addicted to corporate money. It's up to that "sleeping giant" Proud Dem talks about. The last time wealth and income inequality were at these kind of levels in the 1920s "gilded age" a couple things occurred that resulted in the living standards we achieved by the 1970s, primarily unionization and a Democratic Party that was completely unlike the one we have now. That though was because it was forced to be the way it was by more politically astute and class conscious wage earners, a large and critical mass of whom were recent immigrants from Europe who brought their class consciousness and Socialist ideas with them. The woke giant. Now they are Trumpsters. Reagan Democrats. Fully assimilated. Americanized.

All of what I write here of course goes against everything almost everyone believes these days and will immediately be forgotten. Significant change under current conditions is impossible. There are what, hundreds of thousands of people protesting Donald Trump's treatment of Muslims, which consists of a few hundred of them being delayed and/or detained. When Barak Obama left office he was bombing seven Muslim countries. He created these refugees by destroying their countries and murdering their relatives and most of the people out protesting now were defending him. Go to Facebook, read page after page of comments glowingly approving of Democrats who vote against your economic interests. You, we in general, have no clue right now. Sorry. The young ones, whose future we sold down the river, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Thank the almighty heavens that Kent Walz is gone! His reign marked a disgusting period where the facts and truth were not nearly as important as protecting his favorite elected officials- the ones who let him run their agencies. Berry better run for the door! However, I doubt that Moses will be much better. She stood behind, and supported Walz in all his evil, power grabbing endeavors. When the Journal fails, and it will, Walz can be proud to have played a major role in its demise. He finally will have accomplished something worthwhile for our city!