Thursday, January 19, 2017


KRQE has been bought up by another giant media corporation that owns 170 TV stations.  I can remember the days when we had something called the fairness doctrine in broadcasting.  That was done in by right wingers years ago who now favor indoctrination.  Think Fox News here.

The general manager at the station says this will allow them an enhanced news gathering effort.  I didn't think they could be any more inane.  I watched in disbelief the other night as they did a story on a lost jacket with a name inked on the collar.  They  tried to make a story out of  this!  This really happened.

What this all really means is that they will hire an extra employee to run around law enforcement agencies to pick up lapel camera video.  That one guy will replace professional photographers who used to document the news on video that was watchable.


Anonymous said...

How about all the worthless so called news stories about dogs, cats, horse, etc the media is ridiculous they really go to the bottom of the barrel.

Anonymous said...

It's the wizard of oz effect. Look over there and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. While people are paying attention to all the animal stories or reality shows, no one is paying attention to what is really happening in this country. As the poem Jim posted says, "they've all grown up on fake news, so no one cares." What is happenning with the media in this country is scary. The big corps own the media, so they dictate what the people get to know. The dumbing of America is well under way.

Anonymous said...

Hey that jacket was mine, lol