Wednesday, January 11, 2017


President Obama's farewell speech last night is one for the ages.  What a class act.  I am beginning to panic at the thought of trump in the Oval Office.  Today trump twittered 'are we living in Nazi Germany'.  No, not until nine days from now.

Susana Martinez once again stuck it to the working folks and has decided that their money will pay for her disastrous handling of state government and the economy while she continues tax relief for the very rich and corporate America.  She will start her pogrom on state employees by giving them take home pay cuts.  You know, the guys who fix the highways, provide police protection, and look after the public health, safety and welfare.

Honestly, I can not think of a worse Governor in my lifetime, and that includes Gary Johnson.  I hope for a presidential appointment for her to get her the hell out of the Land of Enchantment.  They she can wind up with the rest of the lunatics in the trump administration.

They are lining up en masse to run for Mayor in Albuquerque.  It reminds me of the first time I ran for Mayor back in 1985 when we had 14 candidates.  Chaos and one liners mostly during the campaign back then.  Now it seems the same will happen.  We could well end up electing a Mayor who seemingly has no concrete plan for steaming up our economy because he wont be able to get the word out  to the public due to time constraints and a lack of decent journalism.  Oh!  Woe!

And if you were a fan of HBO's "Westworld", read this.


Anonymous said...

Richardson was pretty bad.................

Anonymous said...

No one has EVER been as bad as Martinez. Look at the state of our state. Last or near last in everything. Richardson tried to bring in jobs, cared about the environment, and cared about the poor....this ignorant, heartless, hateful woman has no one's best interest in mind but her own.

She continues to go after the poor and the middle class to make up for the tax cuts for the 1% and big corporations. She, like all the other Republican ilk, go after government workers. They go out in the public and demonize them like they are paraiahs just drawing a huge paycheck while eating bon bons at their desk. When in fact they are just average hard working citizens who are working to pay the mortgage, feed their family, and pay the bills. This bullshit was started by Frank Kuntz who the repubs hired to come up with phrases to get the public to believe so they could give cover to the 1%, the banks, wallstreet, big corps, etc. And the sad thing is the gullible took it and ran with it. BTW, now that Luntz has aided in the decisiveness in this country, he has decided the country is to polarized so he's moving to New Zealand

I find it so amazing that the republicans hate government, BUT only for everyone else. They of course will spend millions to keep themselves in office. They never give up anything, no in their mind they're entitled. They're the biggest hypocrites.

Martinez has and will continue to do damage to the state at everyone expense, except the people who donate to repubs. It's time that the people wake up and force her to stop going after the poor and middle class in favor of those who can and should pay their fair share.