Wednesday, January 04, 2017


The only thing our Governor can get in front of the media for is to say she wants tougher laws on DUI.  That is her overused fallback issue because she has no other policies that would deal with our State's dire financial and economic situation.

Soon, seven years will have passed in her rightwing administration.   Nothing, and I mean nothing has been accomplished by her or her minions in the Cabinets or the Legislature.  What a disastrous era for the Land of Enchantment.

We were sitting around after a round of golf the other day wondering if she would get the call as a token Latina to join the trump administration.  What position could she occupy that would live  up to her reputation?  I look forward to your comments.  My suggestion would be National Pizza Inspector.  Or she could be put in charge of making it easier to get a drivers license.


Michelle Meaders said...

Well, she did do the Medicaid expansion. That means many more poor New Mexicans have health coverage. Even though it was 100% federally funded, very few Republican Governors did this. Health care has been one of the best parts of the state's economy.

Now we need what, $60 million to leverage $480 million in Federal funds for next year? I haven't heard anything about this in months.

Wasn't she part of the original lawsuit against the ACA by many governors? Is she still against it?

Michelle Meaders said...

By the way, so many working New Mexicans and their families wouldn't need Medicaid if she hadn't vetoed raising the minimum wage here. The states around us have, and they are all doing better than we are.

Oh, and if she hadn't blown up the behavioral health system, made life impossible for so many of our teachers and social workers.

She emphasizes the courts, but then underfunds them, too.