Sunday, January 08, 2017

Campaign Money

Our supposed Democratic and Justice loving Congressional folks, Michelle Grisham Lujan and Ben Ray Lujan, voted to condemn the UN Resolution that criticizes Israel's settlement policies.  The injustices against the Palestinian people just keep rolling along and it is encouraged by our Representatives.  (Pearce too.)

So, why would Michelle and Ben do this?  Simple. Campaign donations from the pro Israeli lobby.  They have lots of money and are willing to spread it around.  Money trumps justice again.

No, I am not anti semetic and I support Israels existence.  I just don't support their xenophobia against the Palestinians any more than  I support the Islamic crazies that want to eradicate that Jewish state.

Michelle and Ben joined one of the tribes.

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New Mexican said...

From my point of view Ben Ray did so from a position of safety, he sees his position as safe. Lujan-Grishm is another matter, I was weak on her run for governor in the first place, now I know I will not support her, not in the primary and not the general election, if she is the candidate, I will sit it out rather than support her. They do not seem to understand that our complete support for Israelis, regardless of their actions, harms us on the world stage. It is time for the us to cut the massive economic military aid for Israel.