Monday, January 23, 2017


My brother Tom withdrew his subscription from the Journal today.  After seeing the Women's March relegated to below the fold status in the Sunday Journal, he just couldn't take it any more.  This was a big issue around our breakfast table yesterday as friends and family were all incredulous.

I actually don't think the Journal was trying to downplay it.  I just think they are so poorly run now that no one can make a decision for fear of losing their job because of the right wing editor Kent Walz and his boss Bill Lang.  So, what happened was the biggest mass march in American history took second fiddle to sledding opportunities in the Sandias.

Councillor Isaac Benton, who I deride for screwing up Rio Grande Blvd. in so many ways, actually did something good.  He has introduced a two cent gas tax into  the city council.  I think it should be five cents since the Governor has vowed to veto any such statewide bill.  Come on Isaac, show some brass and put an amount in the bill that will make more sense.  Put a sunset on it if necessary.

Heather Wilson, Secretary of the Air Force?  Did any one vet her at the White House?  Would this be a good thing for NM?  This is like that song, "The Cat Came Back."


Bubba Muntzer said...


I imagine they're taking an inventory of the Air Force as we speak, but I too thought we’d seen the last of Heather as I think I read somewhere she truly enjoyed running that extension agency in Saskatchewan and teaching young Lakotas how to tan moose hides.

Anonymous said...

Heather Wilson is like Susanna Martinez(no class) probably a borracha too.

Anonymous said...

The journal is not even very good for starting fires, too much colored advertising ink because they don't do articles any more and just push agenda.

Anonymous said...

I don't even use the Journal as cushion for my rabbits anymore cheap ass paper.