Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Every politician screws up at some point.  Every single one of them.  Senator Martin Heinrich sure did on that Big Pharma vote which would have lowered prices for meds ordered from Canada.  He said he voted like that because of safety concerns.  Weak.  Those drugs coming in from Canada are often the same ones you buy here in the USA.  So that is a silly argument.  And he did gather in 150K from those folks for his next campaign.

But, unlike some of the extreme left wing professionals I know, that one disastrous vote should not determine Martin's future.  Think about his brave stands on women's rights, environmental protection, fair minimum wages and about a thousand other things I can think of.

No pol is perfect, and neither is Martin.  He screwed up this one vote completely and gave lip service to the reasons for doing so.  But, he is the kind of person we need as a Senator right now given  the disaster about to befall our nation on Friday.

Bobbi and I will be sending him a lot of money this year for reelection.  And we will urge him incessantly to separate himself from those greedy bastards who are Big Pharma.


Anonymous said...

Time to get rid of Marty too. Sold out the little guy for a few bucks.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Couldn't you use a new set of clubs?

Seriously, thanks for pointing this out.

Or maybe invest in my Uncle Sylvester's new used neckties and transmissions store?