Thursday, January 26, 2017

Down Mexico Way

From a friend in Mexico.

Hi Jim:

There is general disdain for Trump here in Mexico ................ whether you are talking to the highly educated or to the working class of Mexico.

Mexico´s President, Pena Nieto, is highly unpopular here (12% favorability rating in recent polling) but not as unpopular as Trump.

They were supposed to meet next week to discuss border security, NAFTA and a host of other issues involving the US and Mexico but Pena Nieto was forced to cancel the meeting because of the severe distrust of Trump amongst Mexicans in general and the political unpopularity of even meeting with Trump. 

Amongst my many Mexican friends, they simply do not understand how Trump could be elected President. While they have been accustomed to looking favorably towards the US in the past, presently there are many, many suspicions and unconfirmed rumors about what is to come................everyone is simply uneasy about the future.

As you know, there are more than a few ¨illegals¨ in the US who have been supporting entire families in Mexico by sending home part of their wages. People, simply, do not know what to expect.

At the educated and economically comfortable level, there is much disdain for Trump´s heightened rhetoric aimed at Mexico and his claim that Mexico ¨will pay for the wall¨. Mexico, in their eyes, is the 11th largest economy in the world and should not be treated with such disrespect.

All of this is complicated by the serious devaluation of the peso in comparison to the dollar over the past several years

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Anonymous said...

With a 12% favorability rating for the Mexican President by his own people, Trump will walk all over Mexico at the expense of US relations.