Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Things to remember when the chickens come home to roost.

  • Susana Martinez is now supporting trump/pence
  • Every elected official who shows support for trump/pence
  • Faces of everyman who stood around trump as he signed a bill controlling women's reproductive organs
  • The republican party rallying around an insane trump for the purpose of the 1 percenters
  • The state of education in this country that allowed so many people to exist without critical thinking skills
  • trumps rather amazing ability to lie about releasing his tax returns
And this great Facebook posting from my wife Bobbi today.  It is in response to a female trump supporter who says women are equal with men.

I will respect anyone who didn't march as there are lots of reasons for not doing so, but I remember the equal rights amendment fight and Roe v Wade. I was happy to see so many generations represented on Saturday. With over 600 marches around the world not a single arrest. We can make our voices heard without vilifying others and without violence. The USA has always been behind other countries regarding women's rights which is sad. I remember my Dad going to the Fairfax County School board so I could take mechanical drawing, a class restricted to boys this was 1967. I can remember not being able to attend Virginia Polytechnic Institute because they didn't allow women in there Architecture program in 1969. I can remember being less then a handful of women in civil engineering classes at UNM in 1983-86. I remember my African American college roommates at William and Mary in 1970. W & M allowed residential black students to attend beginning in 1967. These incredible women knew hat it was like to be black in a southern school. We have come a long way. So I am grateful and marched for all those who stood up for everyone's rights and fought so hard to where we are. The battle continues and we must not forget. Civility and respect, language and tone is important. I will do what I can to make sure the rights I have are not eroded and to work towards more equal rights. Equal pay for equal work, the Equal Rights Amendment, maternity and paternity leave, respect for all religions, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigrants, refugees, keeping healthcare decisions to those affected without judgement. Our work is cut out for us but we cannot slip backwards.


Anonymous said...

And remember all those hovering and crawling up Obama's ass. And since when is WHITE not a color? So sick and tired of hearing the phrase "PEOPLE OF COLOR" but WHITE is not included. There is a white colored crayon in the box....

New Mexican said...

The closest we have to an "Hispanic" Trump appointee is Heather Wilson, former new Mexican congresswoman. As Trump would say..... sad